Friday, June 5, 2009

Round round the garden like a teddy bear..

Don't ask me why I choose this title I just love this poem, some friends from UK used to teach me english using this poem when I was 3 or 4!!
So this post is for few random but important things, first of all today 5th of june is the
World Environment Day and to celebrate our earth please watch and share HOME , the movie by Luc Besson and Yann Arthus-Bertrand it's totally free and you can't watch it on youtube here , it's amazing please watch it you'll love it!

Then stay tuned because I'm going to post this weekend a SUPER AMAZING giveaway so don't miss it..I can only say that I'm vey very jelaous that I can't get the prize too!

I wish to thank Iole for the guest post, I loved it very much and I really need it to "wash away" the sadness of my 2 latest posts, things are not getting better but since I can't help it and solve this situation I try not to think about it very much, I try to live today , tomorrow is another day ( ok Gone with the wind is one of my fav movie and Scarlett was right and fun, that Melanie was so annoying!!)

Last but not the least I must thank again the sweet Mary from The fresh notes for sharing with me this lovely award, as I said before you just need to check her blog to find an adorable lady..thank you Mary!!

I share this award with all of you, you've been so nice in all of your lovely comments; I've started this blog because I need it for me as a therapy, now that this "creature" is growing up I'm so proud of it ,but like famous people say when reciving an award, without you this blog means thank you, I don't care about the amount of comments followers etc I just love every single word you leave here!!