Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stephanie Seymour models her curvy bikini body on another trip to St Barts

Stephanie Seymour

Latest Update News About . Former swimsuit model, Stephanie Seymour, was seen looking frumpy in a bikini on the beach in St. Barths with her family and she was caught in some compromising photos.

Seymour wSTEPHANIE SEYMOUR Pictures, Images and Photosas seen hugging her son, Peter Brant Jr., 17, and in one photo, they were lip locked. PopEater has the photos, and if you look at them, you may get really grossed out. Her son appears to have his hand on his mother’s breast, and they are all over each other in a really weird way.

Stephanie Seymour

She also spoke about the racy photos of herself and 18 year old son, Peter, hugging and kissing which created a media firestorm around the family.

She explained: ‘We had no idea one second would be turned into something that could ever be thought of as inappropriate. He’s my baby. He’s a gorgeous young man, but he’s my baby.’

Seymour has been a top model since she was 16. She later went on to be a coveted Victoria's Secret Angel and a Sport's Illustrated swimsuit model.

Stephanie Seymour

She has since grace more than 300 magazine covers and considered the world's most celebrated swimsuit models.

She dated rock star Axl Rose in the early 1990s and starred in two Guns N' Roses videos.

Seymour then met Brant who was married and had five children.

Brant made his fortune with his White Birch Paper Co and operates six pulp and paper mills.

He was jailed briefly in 1990 for failure to keep good tax records.