Friday, April 24, 2009

Flip Flops & Happiness

Today would be the perfect day to go to the beach, it's chilly but the sun is shining (yeah!!) and the sky is the perfect shade of blue, a day to relax on the sand with the peaceful sound of the waves. I've always spent my summer by the beach in one of the most beautiful places on earth, it's in the south of Italy (where I come from..) the sand is white and the sea is turquiose, it's Sperlonga a very "old style california" village full of surfers, hippies and nice people that love the beach. When I'm there I really don't need many things, just a dress my beloved Havaianas and sunglasses....a real dream!! My parents own a little cottage in a very very small village near Sperlonga and it's a piece of heaven on earth, so I really spend the whole day by the beach, sunbathing or just relaxing during the day and having fun the night with bonfires or just having great conversation with some friends. Freedom and Happiness are the only things you have to care about , I reallly have the feeling that nothing bad can happens there...I miss my days in Sperlonga and I can't wait to go there in few months!!
So if you will be in Italy don't miss the change to visit Sperlonga and many other villages over there, you'll fall in love in a minute!
I'd love today to take a walk on my secret beach (t's a really small beach that I've discovered with my sister, and it's still wild and unknown!) with a good book and nothing else..
What I'd love to wear?? Gyspy 05 dresses & Flip Flops!