Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm in the "dumb" mood..

One of my friends on Facebook has just posted this test, very stupid but so funny!! The rules are really easy:

- set your iPod to shuffle - for each question push the "forward" botton to get the answer from your ipod. - write the title of the song (don't cheat even if is an embarassing song!)

I'm in the right mood to take this test's my answers: enjoy!!

*If somebody ask you "How're you", how do you answer back?
rocket queen - guns n' roses (great start!! I love this song..)

*How would you describe yourself?
angie - rolling stones

*What do you like in a guy ?
last kiss goodbye - jeff buckley (nooooo..again!?)

*which is the goal of your life?
into the great wide open - tom petty (yeahhhh!)

*what is your motto on life?
bitter pill - motley crue (ouch!)

*what your friends think about you?
I'm afraid of americans - david bowie/trent reznor (ahahahaha!!!! OMG I love americans!)

*what your parents think about you?
you're so vain - faster pussycat (so true...)

*what do you think about all the time?
the beginning of the end - nine inch nails (I'm getting scared on my ipod!!)

*what do you think about your best friend?
doll parts - hole (

*which is the story of your life?
yesterday - beatles (again..true.)

*what are you going to do when you grow up?
perfect - smashing pumpkins (I wish!!!!!)

*what do you think when you find someone you like?
no rain - blind melon

*what will be your wedding song?
dead sould - nine inch nails (..well I'd marry trent to get that song played!)

*what is your favourite hobby?
enjoy the silence - depeche mode (absolutey..)

*what is your greatest fear?
use somebody - kings of lion (mmhh..)

*what is your deepest secret?
mr.brownstone - guns n'roses (wtf!!)

*what do you think about your friends?
alive - pearl jam (thank God!!)

*what is your lifestyle
beautiful people - marilyn manson (beautiful things!)

*what are you doing now?
trash - suede (ehehe!!)

*how will you die?
the KKK took my baby away - marilyn manson (no comment...)

*how is your love life right now?
lullaby - the cure (sorta..)

*how do you see youself?
aenema - tool (don't know but this is one of my fav song ever..)