Monday, April 27, 2009

Good News!!


I'm not sure if it's the 27th of April or the 27th of November, here it's very cold, the rain won't stop and the wind is so annoying, not the weather you expect in April, very sad and depressing..the perfect weather to stay at home in pijama with hot tea and cookies watching movies!! This is a quick post to announce you few news, I'd love to have as a regular feauture a guest blogger once a month, for May I'll have an amazing guest..I'm so excited but I'll tell you later something more!! So if you are interessed to be a guest blogger just send an email with your idea my email is :
My other idea is to feature an Etsy shop , once a month or more, to give a change for seller to have an extra spotlight here,for us to know new sellers and new amazing handmade pieces to buy! As for the guest post, if you have an Etsy shop and you want to be featured here send me an email, the same for you that know a nice shop that deserve more attention!!
My 3rd news is about food, I'm going to share with you some of our "family recipes" , and if you have a request about an Italian dish let me know and I'll give you our recipe. To start here's a very easy and quick recipe for a summer fresh pasta salad :Pasta Tricolore (tricolore is the name of our flag!)
(4 serving)
300 gr Pasta penne (small pasta)
10 Cherry Tomatoes
1 Mozzarella cheese (about gr.200)
6-8 leaves of Basil
extra virgin olive oil ,freash garlic and some black olives

Cock (don't overcook)and drain the pasta then put it in a bowl add a spoon of olive oil and mix, let the pasta cool for some minutes. Wash and cut the tomatoes along with the fresh garlic the basil and olives, mix them in the bowl with the pasta but be sure to take off the excess of liquid from tomatoes. Cut in small "dices" the Mozzarella and add it to the pasta, add more olive oil and mix, then put the salad in fridge for at least 1 hour before serving add some basil leaves..and Buon Appetito!!