Monday, May 18, 2009

Gisele Bundchen Hot for Calzedonia

I'm still convinced that Gisele is not human, it's not possible that she's like us, too sexy, too hot, too beautiful, too I KNOW that she comes from some other planet somewhere!!
Giselle is the face (..and the body!!) of the new Calzedonia summer campaign, the perfect model for this campaign, she's stunning and a beach boho babe!!I've visited my local Calzedonia store and the bikinis are very beautiful, I'm not an huge Calzedonia fan but this collection is very hot I'll definitely get some bikinis and a katfan..and if you want one of those cute bracelets that she wears in the pics check Iole blog for an easy DIY I'm gonna make some for me soon, so thank you Iole!!