Monday, May 11, 2009

La Bambola

Patty Pravo is one on my favourite italian singer ever, the most talented and a real diva!!
I've been listen to her songs since I can remember because of my mum, I love her voice, her style and her rebel soul. She started her career in the midle of '60s and she's always be an anticonformist for her way to sing and the "sensual" moves on stage, for her private life , the "drug" scandals ..well it was easy in the 60s or 70s to be scandalous, it was very different from today!! She's still so stunning and she still sing with that sexy voice, she's a pure diva just because she dosen't care about what the people think about her, is always very honest in her interviews that sometimes she says things that everybody knows but in a catholic state nobody want to hear. I love lots of her songs but probabltyt the most famous are the most representative of her.

Pensiero stupendo

La Bambola

Pazza Idea

Il Paradiso