Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Love

..and the rain is back, how much do I hate Milan??? too much!!Btw I'm still stucked at home so I don't care about the rain now, I'm planning planning planning and you know what? One of the thing that I hate the most is make plans!! So forget about hate , let's talk about love or better things I'd love to have now in my hands:

- a frozen strawberry daiquiry it's one of my favourite cocktail ever, even if I don't drink too much alcohol, I love it and it's my "happy hour" drink, so fresh sweet and pink!

- Agate drop necklace by A.V. Max love the colors and the shape of the gems, so perfect with tanned skin!

- Cath Kidston Large Basket with Boat Lining I'm looking for a bag like this since ages, I've a similar one but it's actually distroyed since I use it for the beach all summer , my mum bought it in Saint Tropez ages ago, so I really NEED a new one.

- Organic Cookies Eco friendly cookies are too cute and I guess very yummy!!

- Watermelon I think that I'd survive everywhere with some watermelon, I just adore it it's one of the most amazing things that mother nature give to us.

- Organic romper love this romper, it's organic, it's great with flats or heels and the color will be great with gold or silver accessories and it's %100 silk!

- Cargo Plant Love new collection make up I've a lipstick from the previus collection the "Evangeline" and it's one of the best lipstick ever, I use lots of Cargo cosmetics the PlantLove are great and good too.

and I'd love to attend again at a Jason Mraz concert